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  1. Jul 16,  · Long Island Sound. Long Island Sound is Connecticut’s largest and most important natural resource. More than 8 million people live in the Long Island Sound watershed and the activities that take place on and along the Sound – boating, fishing, tourism, and swimming – contribute an estimated $ billion per year to the regional economy.
  2. Aug 03,  · The Long Island Sound Study (LISS) is a cooperative effort involving researchers, regulators, user groups and other concerned organizations and individuals. These people are working together to protect and improve the health of the Sound. Learn More.
  3. The plan, developed by the Long Island Sound Citizens Advisory Committee, combines restoration projects with unified legislative efforts. Science plays a key role in Audubon’s efforts in the Sound, exemplified by Audubon Connecticut’s work to assess breeding success and identify optimal nesting locations that will ultimately benefit.
  4. Located on the south end of the Marine Sciences Building, the cam gives you control to pan and zoom. To the left is east into Fishers Island Sound, straight ahead is looking out toward Race Rock, and to the right is west into the Sound. Access Cam.
  5. Long Island Sound is sandwiched between Long Island to the South and NY/CT to the North, and these two sides are very diverse both topographically and culturally. (Sometimes the accents are so distinct you'd think you’ve crossed into a foreign country.) The Long Island side offers a succession of great cruising destinations in its bays, while the northern territory is .
  6. Long Island Sound Marinas. From Block Island Sound to the East River in New York, this estuary spans miles from east to west. Situated between New York and Connecticut to the north and Long Island to the south, the sound touches miles of coastline encompassing an array of major boating communities.
  7. Long Island (locally: / l ɔː ŋ ˈ ɡ aɪ ˌ l ə n d /) is a densely populated island in the southeast part of the U.S. state of New York, in the northeastern United amhiehenpaculleospatfizzsimisralax.coinfo New York Harbor it is approximately miles ( km) from Manhattan Island and extends eastward over miles ( km) into the Atlantic amhiehenpaculleospatfizzsimisralax.coinfo island comprises four counties; Kings and Queens .
  8. 7 day Long Island Sound tides forecast *These tide times are estimates based on the nearest port (New Haven Harbor entrance, Connecticut) and may differ significantly depending on amhiehenpaculleospatfizzsimisralax.coinfo note, the tide times given are not suitable for navigational purposes.
  9. Long Island Sound is an estuary, a place where saltwater from the ocean mixes with fresh water from rivers draining from the land. Estuaries are among the most productive ecosystems on Earth. They serve as feeding, breeding, and nursery areas for many species that spend most of their adult lives in the ocean.

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