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  1. Penny Passport Souvenir Penny Collecting Book for Coins Fits 36 Pressed Pennies and 8 Pressed Quarters or Nickels out of 5 stars $ $ 4. 80 $ $
  2. 5 Penny Passport Souvenir Elongated Coin Albums With Free Pressed Pennies by Penny "Five Stars" - by Lisa Carscallen.
  3. Pressed penny hobby supplies, elongated coin services, equipment, groups and organizations that would be of interest to our readers are of interest to us. Please contact us. You can share deserving suppliers of pressed pennies, penny press related goods, and pressed penny services with fellow collectors and businesses. Listings and links are free.
  4. Pressed pennies and quarters, sometimes referred to as “elongated coins” by coin collectors (or “exonumia” if you’re a fancy numismatic) are coins that have been run through a special machine that literally presses them while imprinting them with a new design. In the process the coins stretch into a longer, thinner, oval shape.
  5. The pennies are very thin once pressed, so you can use them to accent your Disney scrapbook, autograph book, or just punch a hole in them to make a simple charm. String a set of pennies on a necklace or charm bracelet for an inexpensive and easy Disney boutique project, or simply display them in a folio.
  6. Pressed Penny Favors Whatever your theme, The Penny Depot offers the most unique wedding favors, save the dates, and wedding party gifts! Our buyers have searched the world for distinctive ideas for unique party favors to fit their wedding celebration.
  7. The original elongated souvenir penny book with the coin on the amhiehenpaculleospatfizzsimisralax.coinfo Machine locations around the world, Collecting Tips, EC History, Online Store, and more!
  8. These fun machines are called various names such as Penny Press Machines, Pressed Penny Machines, Copper Coin Press Machines, Press-a-penny machines etc. A Penny Press will allow your customers to make their very own elongated, squished, flattened, rolled-out, pinched, pressed pennies, unique souvenir's! Collector Books available for purchase.
  9. The containers holds exactly 40 quarters and 20 pennies -- enough to roll 5 sets of 4. You can prestack them (2 quarters and penny, 2 quarters and a penny, etc.) then just slide the number of coins you want to use out in your hand and you're ready to go.

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